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About Limitless Learning TT

Limitless Learning TT is an education business that provides virtual, one to one, personalised instruction in English and Mathematics.  Every student learns at their own pace, so we take away the pressure of having to keep up with a group by giving each learner one on one attention and the opportunity to ask as many questions as they need and have concepts repeated and refreshed until the learner feels comfortable with the topic. We believe that the key to exceptional results is a combination of personalised learning and thorough understanding of the subject matter. Essentially, we work in a way that works best for each and every one of our students

Because comfortable does not always mean confident, at LLTT we also reinforce concepts with exercises and practice questions. This approach creates the optimal learning environment and results in satisfied learners who are assured of their abilities and ultimately higher pass rates.


To promote understanding and offer personalised instruction in English and Mathematics.


To become renowned for quality, personalised instruction in English and Mathematics.

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