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Review by Parent (Trinidad and Tobago)

Thank you so much for the work you put in with Shakim, as he received a grade 1 in his CSEC math examinations. It wasn’t just about giving him extra lessons, you truly were invested in ensuring Shakim's success and for that my family and myself owe you a tremendous amount of gratitude. I look forward to you working with both of my sons in the coming years.


Review by Student (United Kingdom)

I started doing tutoring with Ciara and I’ve really enjoyed our lessons because she always asks me what I’ve been doing in school and if I need any help with it then she uses our lesson time to help me feel confident on that topic. First, she presents me with some rules then she goes through an example. Next, she gives me some questions and we work through them. Finally, we attack an extra hard question at the end of the lesson. I enjoy our math lessons and I like the teaching style Ciara uses.

In 2023, Maia received a grade 9, the highest grade, on her GCSE math examinations.


Review by Parent (United Kingdom)

I just wanted to say many thanks for teaching Tyrell. He received an 8 in his GCSE examinations, missing a grade 9 by just 3 points. Tyrell really enjoyed & benefitted from your tuition as it improved his grades & confidence.

The service you provide is outstanding!


Review by Parent (Trinidad and Tobago)

We came to Limitless Learning TT in October 2017 worried that our son Jason would not be able to successfully pass the Secondary Entrance Assessment. He was failing Mathematics with marks like 30 out of 100. After a couple of months of One on One Tutoring with Ciara his marks were now in the 70's. By the time he took the S.E.A the next year, he was not only well prepared but very confident. Jason passed for his first choice, Naparima College, scoring in the 90's in Mathematics. This would not have been possible without Limitless Learning TT. We highly recommend their One on One Tutoring service.

Pennny Carballo- Smith

Executive Director of Future Think and Co-Founder of The Caribbean STEM Coaching Club

"Limitless Learning TT has taken the Math achievement levels of the students in the Caribbean STEM Coaching Club to new heights these past four years. Many of our students here in the United Kingdom do not have Math Specialist Teachers in their classrooms. Having a highly qualified and very experienced Math Specialist Teacher, like Ciara, truly made the difference. Our parents found her Initial Assessments of mathematical skills and learning styles invaluable, and were grateful for her guidance as to how to support their children's learning on an ongoing basis. Our students found Ciara's approach to online tuition very engaging and practical. Ciara not only helped them to understand the more difficult concepts but also to enjoy Math a whole lot more. We were especially pleased to see our students grow in confidence. They now believe they can excel in Math once they put in the work. Many, many thanks Ciara and Limitless Learning TT!"

IMG_3474 (6).JPG

Zarah Browne

Student at Limitless Learning TT (United Kingdom)

I started One on One tutoring in April 2021. My time with Ciara has been helpful and enjoyable. Maths definitely is not one of my favourite subjects. However, I always seem to enjoy my sessions with her and I have learned so much! Ciara has been patient and will always work to ensure that I understand the method as well as why I am doing the different steps.


Review by Student (United Kingdom)

When I first heard that I was going to start maths tutoring I was not very happy about it. But by the end of the first lesson I actually started to like it. I always liked maths and, in the lessons, not only was the teaching very helpful but it wasn’t boring. It's helped me learn more and stimulate my knowledge in maths. After one of my lessons, I had math class in school the next day. My teacher taught the same thing I'd learnt the day before. My teacher didn’t explain it well and no-one apart from me really knew what we were supposed to do. But thanks to my lesson before, I was able to get through the work very easily. In these lessons you're always learning new things and challenging yourself. I would really recommend signing up for these lessons.

Malia received the top mark in Maths for the whole of Year 8, about 180 kids. Her score was 46 out of 47, with the next best mark being in the low thirties. (July 2022)


Reviewed by Parent (United States of America)

"Chanel first started receiving One on One Tutoring with Limitless Learning TT  in October 2017 and four years later, in August 2021, she will be attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County as a Meyerhoff  Scholar. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of Ciara. Her patience and ability to foster a thorough understanding of Math with Chanel was incredible. I would definitely recommend this service."

Dawn Lofters

Parent (United Kingdom)

“My children have been having tuition with Limitless Learning TT for three months and I couldn’t be happier with their progress. I was particularly impressed that from an Initial Assessment their tutor (Ciara) was able to determine their learning style and the areas which need review or consolidation. Each lesson is well prepared and tailored to their individual needs, and at the end of each month I receive a detailed progress report. My children have definitely benefitted from having tuition with Limitless Learning TT because their lessons are interactive and they are not only learning how but also why. After a recent session my son even said that he was enjoying maths again which was quite a surprise. I can’t recommend Limitless Learning TT - Ciara in particular - highly enough. Ciara is very personable and obviously has a passion for maths which she enjoys sharing.”

Steve Wilson

Parent (Barbados)

"I came to Limitless Learning TT in 2020, during the pandemic, to get some additional help for my for daughter who was preparing to take the CSEC Mathematics examination in a few months. She usually did well in Mathematics but needed some assistance to strengthen concepts as well as work on her time management. Ciara came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Not only did my daughter perform well on the examination, but she had a better understanding. She said that Ciara really challenged her and made her like Math even more. I definitely recommend Ciara as a tutor."

Rena Balbosa-McIntosh

Parent (Trinidad and Tobago)

"The experience at Limitless Learning TT has been a rewarding one. I didn't expect to see results so soon. My son Giovanni went from getting D's in Mathematics to getting a B and an A in the space of two consecutive terms, respectively. He was able to get individual attention and focus on his challenges with Math. I must say thanks to Ciara.”

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